Dr Ann McVeigh

Photograph by Helen Sloan

Talks and Powerpoint presentations are aimed at:

Family History Societies
Local History Groups
U3A (University of the Third Age)


Or any other groups that enjoy entertaining and interesting presentations!

Talks available include:


As True As I’m Standing Here:  Quirky stories and images from PRONI’s collections


Flowers of the Flock:  The Child Migration Schemes to Australia: an examination as to the history and rationale behind the various schemes


Gone for Good:  How people tried to better themselves through the different types of migration and migration assistance


Guide to Local History:  The best sources for tracing the history of any locality


Hungry for Change:  The effect of the Great Irish Famine on Irish society


Tracing your Family Tree at PRONI:  A beginners guide to genealogy 


Vere Henry Foster:  The Man who Paid Women to Go Away.  The life and works of an Irish philanthropist


Women and the First World War: how the Great War changed society


Women Poets of WWI: a brief exploration of the female poets and their works


Workhouse System in Ireland: Why it was introduced and its effect on Irish society


 Contact for availability and costs.

Look Who’s Talking!

Looking for a guest speaker for your group or society?

Look Who’s Talking, by Dr Ann McVeigh, can help!


With over twenty years’ experience in giving talks, Dr Ann is an informative and witty speaker.  She has a Phd in Economic and Social History and, having worked in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, she is aware of the more interesting records and the stories behind them.