Emerging Red I and Winter Shore in the ArtisAnn Gallery

Winter Shore
Acrylic on Board
45 x 54 cms (inc Frame)

Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)

Winter Shore by Sam McCready

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Sam McCready 

Sam McCready studied painting at Stranmillis College and the Belfast College of Art, where his tutors were Kenneth Webb and Romeo Toogood. His professional work in theatre, in which he has an international reputation as actor, director and playwright, and his teaching commitments, allowed him little time to pursue his painting until recently when he retired as Professor of Theatre at the University of Maryland in the US.  Since then he has also studied calligraphy and brush painting with Chinese masters.

He has exhibited in group exhibitions with the Caldwell Gallery and has mounted a number of sold-out solo shows in the US, most notably in Baltimore and the Heartland Gallery in Urbana, Illinois. His work is in private collections in Ireland, the US and the Far East.

As an artist, he is absorbed with nature in its many moods, with the patterns and rhythms of line, texture and space. For subject, he returns to his native Ireland, intent on evoking not merely the topography of the landscape but the feelings and moods he associates with it. He works principally from memory, creating with rich colors and textures, images of mountain, lakes, tree, bog, and sky. Recently, however, reflecting his study with Chinese masters, he has focused on black and white work, and has turned for inspiration to the environment close to his home in the US. Patrons of the ArtisAnn Gallery will have the opportunity to see this latest work at a solo exhibition planned for March 2018.​

Emerging Red I by Sam McCready

Emerging Red I
Acrylic on Board
57 x 67 cms (inc Frame)

Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)