Sally Seagull
Acrylic on Canvas
9 x 41 cms

Sweeney's Eyebrow
Mixed Media on Canvas
73 x 53 cms (inc. Frame)

Floating Tent with Golden Stars

Monotype Print

53 x 43  cms (including frame)


Giant's Causeway Sunset, County Antrim

Oil on Canvas

53 x 73  cms (including frame)


Marie-Thérèse Davis

Born in Belfast and educated at Queen’s University, St Mary’s University College and Oxford Brooke’s, Marie-Thérèse now resides in Bangor, Co. Down.  Marie-Thérèse has been painting since 1989 and has exhibited widely during the intervening years, from solo exhibitions in Northern Ireland to group exhibitions and touring shows throughout the UK and USA.  A member of Queen Street Studios, Belfast from 1992-2002, she was co-editor of ‘Beyond the Partitions: A History of Queen Street Studios 1984-1994’, and part of the team which won the coveted AIB Better Ireland Award for the Queen Street Studios.

A life-long love of and involvement in the arts and arts education, has resulted in a rich and varied career to date.  Combining teaching with work in the visual and community arts, Marie-Thérèse is also a classical musician who plays woodwind, piano and stringed instruments both as a hobby and as a music educator.

Marie-Thérèse’s visual art practice has been inspired by literature as well as the technical styles of the impressionist, post-impressionist and expressionist artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Magritte, Munch, Frida Kahlo, Stanley Spencer and Lucien Freud are among her favourites.  Poets such as T.S.Elliot (The Illustrated Old Possum Book of Practical Cats, presented to her at a young age by artist and neighbour Dorothy Davis (no relation!)), the war poets, Irish poets (in particular Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley and Stephen Hanson) and writers (E. Annie Proulx and Erin Morgenstern), have provided a rich source of ideas and philosophy for Marie-Thérèse.  The artist incorporates figurative, narrative and abstract imagery to express herself adopting a variety of techniques from traditional oil painting, to mixed-media and printmaking.

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Derriaghy Rail Bridge with a Message
Oil on Canvas
42 x 52 cms (inc. Frame)

Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)


Café Freud, Oxford
Oil on Canvas Panel
53 x 73 cms (inc. Frame)