Josephine McCormicks’ work weaves sound and voice within visual layers towards producing art that is beautiful, delicate and extraordinary. These artworks , for which Josephine received funding from Arts Council of Northern Ireland, celebrate significant events and discoveries in science that have resulted in paradigm shifts in our knowledge of how the world, and the universe, works. 

Using a creative methodology she developed in 2016, as part of a residency at the Digital Arts Studios in Belfast, Josephine has visually rendered the voice of significant scientists and embedded them within her Art works.   This enables viewers to have an immersive experience of breakthrough moments in scientific history.


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Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell with the artist
​Dr Josephine McCormick at the ArtisAnn Gallery

Dr Josephine McCormick gained an MA from Camberwell College of Art and a PhD from the Ulster University.  Her PhD examined the use of Computer Aided Design, and Computer Aided Manufacture technologies, towards establishing a hybrid methodology for Fine Art practice.  Josephine’s work is centred on the creative exploration of sound technologies, science and traditional art forms merging together to produce visual artwork. 

 Projects she has been involved with have included: 'Sound Works' A collaborative project with Dr Eric Lyon from the Sonic Arts Research Centre [SARC], QUB: 'Interrupted Vision' a collaborative project with Tom Edgar, of the Northern Ireland Technology Centre, QUB, based on the production of 3D modelling of the interior of the eye.  'The Sans Vista Wood Type Project, Pennsylvania.' CNC mediated wood type research project, funded by the Centre of Material Culture studies, University of Delaware: 'Initiated' by Tricia Treacy & Ashley John Pigford as a collaborative interplay between venerable/archaic and experimental/modern technology in an effort to produce a hybrid form of typographic design where the production is ingrained in the product.  The project was showcased at, amongst other venues, Yale University; College Book Arts Association Annual Conference, San Francisco; Antenna Gallery, New Orleans; and Columbia College, Chicago.


Josephine’s artwork has represented the UK in various International exhibitions across America, Australia, China, France and Russia.  She has published and presented papers within academic journals and international print conferences such as IMPACT.  Her work is in the collections of Bank National de Paris, The Ulster Museum, RMIT University, Melbourne and in international private collections.

Leonardo's Sun by Dr Josephine McCormick
Etching on Copper Plate
32 x 40 cms (inc. Frame)
Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)

Dr Josephine McCormick

Jocelyn Bell Burnell - Pulsars

Etching and Aquatint on Copper

40 x 32 cms (inc. Frame)


Click here to Hear Jocelyn Bell Burnell talking about the discovery of pulsars 

Ancient and Modern Suns by Dr Josephine McCormick
Etching on Copper Plate
32 x 40 cms (inc. Frame)
Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)