Through the Looking Glass

Acrylic on Canvas

102 x 102 cms


Kaleidoscope of Colour

Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 84 cms

Red Rhythm

Acrylic on Canvas

80 X 100 cms


Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

100 x 150 cms


Acrylic on Canvas

153 x 183 cms


Acrylic on Canvas

51 x 51 cms

Dancing Tree

Acrylic on Canvas

80 x 55 cms


Pink Rose

Acrylic on Canvas

77 X 102 cms

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Kaleidoscope of Colour by Catherine Davison

Catherine Davison

Born in Castlereagh, Catherine received her BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in 2001 and completed a postgraduate course at Leith School of Art, in Edinburgh 2005. Since graduating Catherine has been a member of Queen Street Studios in Belfast and has received a number of awards from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the Individual Artists Award Programme. Her recent artworks reflect the organic world ‐ exploring the lines, geometry and motifs of nature rather than the urban jungle, however a sense of structure and architectural integrity has become synonymous with her work and intrinsic to the movement and changing nature of life and city living.

Catherine has recently returned from an artist residency in Rio de Janiero, with Largo das Artes ‐ supported by the British Council through their International Residency Programme Award in June 2015.


Acrylic on Canvas

151 x 110 cms


Through the Looking Glass by Catherine Davison