So, Larissa first:  Although born in Canterbury, Larissa has spent most of her life in Belfast. After graduating with honours (2.1) from the School of Art and Design, she established a studio practice in fine art and textiles, exhibiting extensively in the UK, America, Japan and Europe.   She’s been the recipient of major awards and bursaries from the Arts Council Northern Ireland, CCOI and the CIIF.  She did take some time off due to family responsibilities, however, Larissa has now re-established her practice and currently her work is exploring transparency, reflection and perspective through personal, social and environmental contexts.

The use of the blues and yellows in the painting emphasise the watery nature of the scene and, if you squint a little, you could imagine the parked cars are actually boats, and transport your mind to Amsterdam, rather than rainy Belfast!

After the Rain; Eglantine Avenue
Larissa Watson
Oil on Canvas
90 x 90 cms (inc. Frame)


Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)

Richard Croft is a long standing member of the RUA, based in Dundrum, and as renown for his prints as his paintings.

This joyous confection of magnolias in a jug would brighten up the rainiest of days!  While the focus is on the flowers, the abstract background nods to Mondrian, with blocks of colour in subtle shades of blues, greys, yellows and beige.  The table cloth adds a vertical balance to an otherwise vertical focus point, as the eye is drawn upwards by the bright pinks of the blooming flowers.  The yellow plums also help to balance out the overall arrangement.  ‘Magnolias in a Quimper Jug’ is a masterclass in composition.


Magnolias in a Quimper Jug

Richard Croft RUA
Oil on Canvas
91 x 91 cms (inc Frame)

​Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)

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Easter has been and gone already – and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably over-indulged in all those Easter Eggs you weren’t going to touch!  

For April, I’m thinking showers to bring forth May flowers, so I have selected a lovely piece by Larissa Watson, entitled ‘Eglantine After the Rain’, and a beautiful bunch of flowers by Richard Croft.