Another one to watch is Cairan Harper.  A graduate of the class of 2016, his sell-out degree show ensured he made a name for himself and, like Charlie, he has his followers, having sold to both the NICS and to ACNI, as well as to a number of prominent collectors.  This piece, ‘The Glory of the New’ is from his Windrush series, commemorating the men and women from the Caribbean who helped to rebuild Britain after the Second World War.  Here, the immigrants are enjoying a day in the sun at an unspecified beach.  The tone hints at sepia, a faded photograph with the memories of the day and of the people receding.  Facial features are only hinted at, and the bold swaths of coloured paint daubed here and there remind you that this is a painting of a forgotten generation.


Summer’s Here!  And hopefully you’re reading this in glorious sunshine!


My two pics this month reflect both sides of the coin – one is still ‘Waiting for the Sun’ while the other is enjoying it in ‘The Glory of the New’.


We start with ‘Waiting for the Sun’ by Charlie Scott.  This impressive piece, reminiscent of a Turner painting, is by a young man who graduated in June 2017 and has spent the year since then working as Artist in Residence at the Art College.  His work depicts moody studies of landscapes where the land and the inhabitants of it seem to blend and merge into one.  The subject matter is rarely stated, leaving it open to multiple interpretation.  He already has his own fan club of eager private collectors and his work has also been purchased by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland (ACNI) and by the N.I. Civil Service (NICS) for their permanent collections. He is one to watch!

Waiting for the Sun
Charlie Scott
OIl on Canvas
84 x 104 cms


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The Glory of the New
Ciaran Harper
​Oil on Canvas
90 x 90 cms

Available to buy at gallery or online within UK and Ireland (£20 postage)